If you own a gas powered range, you need a gas stove troubleshooting guide to assist you in diagnosing problems with your appliance so that you can repair it. This one covers the most common troubles and likely causes.

Why can I not get the pilot light to come on or it goes out quickly when I do?

The opening for your pilot light may be dirty, reducing the amount of gas that flows to it.

In some cases, the amount of gas may be insufficient to keep it lit due to being adjusted too low.

If the room has high air flow from open windows or your heating and cooling system, the pilot light may get blown out from it.

Why can't I get the burner to light?

It is possible that your pilot light is not lit, which will prevent the burners from lighting when you turn them on.

The holes on the burner may be clogged from cleaning it or food spills that were not properly wiped down.

In the case of a stove with an electric ignitor, you may have electrical issues. The unit may have become unplugged from the wall.

Other possible reasons an electrical ignitor is malfunctioning could be that the outlet is not working. You may have a blown fuse or a tripped circuit. Additionally, the ignitor may not be working anymore.

Why is the flame low, even when I adjust the setting to high?

This might be caused by the openings in your burner being caked up with food or cleaning debris.

An insufficient amount of gas or air reaching the burner is another reason that this can happen. The hose delivering gas to the burner may be dirty or your air shutter might be improperly adjusted.

Why is my gas burner making noise when I turn it on?

Loud sounds from the burner are an indicator of air or gas flow troubles. The air shutter may be the culprit or you could have troubles in the lines themselves.

Why do I smell gas coming from the range?

This might be due to an unlit pilot flame. If there is no fire, the unit will continue to release small amounts of gas into the air.

One or more of your burners may not be shut off completely even though the flame is out. If the unit also has an oven, the gas may be coming from there as well.


If your gas lines have even a small amount of damage, the gas will leak into your kitchen or where the damage is located. No matter the cause, this is a very serious matter that needs to be repaired immediately.

Why do I hear a clicking sound when my gas stove is on?

This is normal in most gas stoves and is due to the appliance making natural adjustments.

These gas stove troubleshooting questions are the most common. Determine the cause of your problem so that you can repair it.