door-frame-repair-pic1Knowing how to fix a door frame can save you time and money. Door repairs can be expensive and time consuming. Door frames that are installed properly in the beginning, rarely fail to perform unless somthing has damaged them.

When a door does not close properly, it is usually something else that is causing the problem. See the articles 'Adjusting Interior Doors', 'How To Adjust Exterior Doors', 'Fixing Door Locks' and 'Repairing Door Hinges' for more information and instructions on what to do.

If you are sure that it is the door frame that needs to be repaired, see the 'Troubleshooting' section below.

How a Door Frame Works

Door frames provide the needed support for a door. Some doors can weigh hundreds of pounds. The door is attached to the frame via the hinges. When properly installed, door frames are durable and will last a long time.

Problems with the door frame are often related to the things that are attached to it. Hardware, weatherstripping, strike plates and the door itself are attached to the frame.

Fixing the frame may mean adjusting or replacing one of these items. Other times it can involve work on the frame itself.

Door Frame Repair - The Issues

What Can You Save? - Doing a major overhaul on a door frame could easily be a four hour job. If you just need something adjusted it could cost as little as $50. A complete re-work of the frame could be between $150 and $300.

How Hard Could It Be? - Door frame repairs can vary in difficulty and complexity. These repairs will have a Difficulty Range of: Simple to This Is Clearly Work. These repairs require a Skill Level Range of: Job Jar Specialist to Determined Handyman. For and explanation of the terms in this section, see 'How to Use This Site'.

Check the Simple Things! - The frame is the part of the doorway that provides the structural support. A problem with the door frame is usually not a simple problem. Adjusting the strike plate or replacing the hinges are probably the simplest things that you can do with a door frame.

What Can Go Wrong? - Taking apart the door frame can be a big job and may take longer than a couple of hours. You may not get the door back together. You could be without a door if you can't get it fixed. Which door it is? This will determine the severity of the situation. Make sure you have the basic skills needed before you attempt to dismantle a door.

Door Frame Repair – The Steps Involved

Most of the time getting the door properly adjusted will take care of issues related to the frame. See the articles 'Adjusting Interior Doors' and 'How To Adjust Exterior Doors' for information on getting the doors properly aligned.

When the door is adjusted properly and the lock still won't work or the door is not tight to the weatherstripping, you may need to adjust the strike. 'Adjusting Door Strikes' gives you information on this subject.

The hinges are one of the key pieces of hardware that are attached to the door frame. 'Replacing Door Hinges' talks about replacing and lubricating them.

At times, the door stop can loosen, causing the door not to close correctly. The article 'Adjusting the Door Stop' explains how you can fix it.

'Repairing a Split Door Frame' is a discussion on fixing a broken frame.



Door frame repairs are harder than other door repairs. If you take your time and are willing to develop new skills then you were successful with this repair. Remember it is the door frame that holds up the door. Should it be easy?

Tales will be told long into the future of how you were able to make your own door frame repair. Repairing a door jamb will not be something you need to do often. Usually, once the are set they don't go anywhere. The work you did should last for years.